Fun on The Fly with Pixlr Editor

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I came across a great article the other day called The Best Chrome Apps You’re Probably Not Using and  I was intrigued because I like to think that I know pretty much whats out there as far work tools go. Well, I decided to take a look anyway and of course Pixlr Editor caught my […]


Come Get Social With Me!

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I had a poster that was nice enough to ask me what other social media sites I frequent. Well, I’m actually on quite a few so I thought I’d share the list. Please join me on your favorite sites. Pinterest Tumblr Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Chime In For The Love of Food

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Happy New Year!…Let’s Start Designing

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“Image courtesy of Staurt Miles /www.” Let me first take a minute to wish everyone…. Happy Holidays! I hope your holiday was filled with family, friends and good times. Of course this time of the year is always a reflection of what we have accomplished and what we are looking forward to achieving with […]


Love Links? – Try Thinglink

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Since I’m always looking for new ways to make my designs more interactive, I thought Thinglink was a great tool to bring new ideas to my projects. Thinglink lets you create images with little links that give information about the photo. The possibilities here are endless because you can inform, entertain, and engage your audience […]