Come Get Social With Me!

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I had a poster that was nice enough to ask me what other social media sites I frequent. Well, I’m actually on quite a few so I thought I’d share the list. Please join me on your favorite sites. Pinterest Tumblr Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Chime In For The Love of Food


Tell A Great Story With Storify

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I love blogging and sharing information that I find across the web on any given subject as soon as I see it. I came across this great tool called Storify which lets you do just that in a nice visual format. The way it works is that you pull information from Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube […]


Do You Like When A Company Offers Live Chat?

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            I was asked recently how I feel about companies having a live chat on their website and if it actually helps visitors. I personally think it does because sometimes you don’t have time to talk on the phone and may just have a general question that can be answered […]

Social Services

Getting Personal with Chime.In

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There has been a lot of chatter recently about a new social service called Chime.In. I decided to check it out because I am a little bit bored with Facebook and although I love Twitter, sometimes I would like a little more interaction. This site is interesting in this regard. It’s like a cross between […]