Choosing the right design firm for your project

I’m sure many clients are concerned when they start a new project whether to use a large design firm or a smaller one to help them reach their goals. There are some factors that should definitely be considered when making the right choice for your company.
Consistency – You know the old saying, “Too many cooks spoil the pot”. Sometimes when you have too many different people on one project, the overall consistency is lost in the shuffle. Using a smaller firm means in most cases that there is a lot more control over the project as a whole.
Miscommunication – Communicating information through many people is like playing “telephone”. The final outcome might not be what was first envisioned for the project. The less people making decisions means more personalized service and less confusion over changes and updates.
Agility – In my experience, most clients are slow when starting off a project but once they see things coming together they want things done as soon as possible. A larger firm might have a slower process when it comes to completing a project. A smaller firm will more than likely be able to adjust their schedule in order to get a project completed at a pace that’s in tune with the clients’ expectations.
Cost savings – Many larger design firms might have a large budget to work with but this also means that there might larger fees involved as well. A smaller firm will most likely be able to work with the client on a more flexible pricing strategy while still insuring that the project is completed on time and on budget.
Personal relationships – Social networking is a great way to bring attention and great clients to any company – large or small. Larger firms seem to have the advantage since they have a large consumer base. Smaller firms on the other hand normally build their client base slowly and have a much more personalized social networking experience to offer their clients and customers overall. This can be just as valuable in the long run. Definitely a win-win for everybody.
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