Getting Answers To Lifes Many Questions

Have you ever wanted to ask a question or get some advice but there really wasn’t anyone around to ask? I have and I recently came across this great site that lets you do just that. You can post a question or read through other questions on many different topics from cooking and movies to even relationships and reply directly to the author if you want to give your two cents.  Sometimes you just want to know if anyone else is thinking about the same things you are. I find that most people are and that makes me feel good.

Check it out at:


Search Twitter for exactly what you need

I love the fact that Twitter brings lots of great information right on my desktop and keeps me informed of what my friends are doing throughout the day. Sometimes though, I want to just search quickly for a specific piece of news or an event. This is where Twitter search comes in. I can narrow down my search by date, subject, and even who I want the information from.  Definitely a must have if your following many different types of tweets. Check it out here: